Sexing Sound: Aural Archives and Feminist Scores
The James Gallery, The Graduate Center/CUNY February 06 March 08, 2014, co-curated by Katherine Carl, Valerie Tevere, and Siona Wilson

Sexing Sound: Aural Archives and Feminist Scores brings together a selection of audio, flyers, scores, documentation of performances, and zines of women’s sound work of the last two decades with historical references extending back to the 1960s. Intended not as a survey, but rather an animated peek at materials from archives including ABC No Rio, the Fales Archive and Special Collections at New York University, Franklin Furnace, Her Noise in London, the Interference Archive, the Museum of Modern Art Archives, and Ubuweb. The exhibition includes an installation by Marina Rosenfeld and materials on Johanna Fateman, Kathleen Hanna, Alison Knowles, Annea Lockwood, and many others, as well as live performances by artists GBT + EH and JD Samson.

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